UL DLC LED panel light 2*2ft 2*4ft 1*4ft 30w 36w 40w 45w 50w 60w 72w flat led panel light

UL DLC LED panel light 2*2ft 2*4ft 1*4ft 30w 36w 40w 45w 50w 60w 72w flat led panel light

Short Description:

Parameter: Item No. Power Size Lumious Flux(lm) Product Dimension     Dimming US-P11F20WX 20W 1′*1′ 2500±5% 297×297×9(mm) 1-10V Dimmable US-P22F30WX 30W 2′*2′ 3750±5% 603×603×9(mm) 1-10V Dimmable US-P22F40WX 40W 2′*2′ 5000±5% 603×603×9(mm) 1-10V Dimmable US-P22F50WX 50W 2′*2′ 6250±5% 603×603×9(mm) 1-10V Dimmable US-P14F35WX 35W 1′*4′ 4370±5% 300×1213×9(...

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Product Feature:

1.UL DLC Standard, Premium doubled insulated external driver
2. PF>0.95, CRI >80Ra, THD<15%, UGR<19
3.Light source: SMD4014 / 2835, LM80
4. High efficiency up to 135lm/W
5. Working Voltage: AC100~277V / 347V
6. Both dimmable & non-dimmable versions are available
7. Silver & white frame are for choice
8.Material: Aluminum +Pmma+PC
9.Power: 20w/36w/40w/45w/50w/60w/72w
10.Size (mm): 297*297, 603*603, 300*1213, 603*1213
11. Colour(CCT): 3000k, 3500K,4000K, 4500K,5000K
12. Certification: UL, DLC.
13. Warranty: 5 years

Product Description:

The design is ideal for using in ceiling fixtures
1. Perfect world-class LED technology
2. Makes it really crazy super bright
3. The Same Model, The Lower Price
4. Use mostly in commercial and residential applications
5. Superly easy to install

Installation methods:

Embedded, Suspending, Roof mount, Latch catches, Reverse buckling
Accessories: steel wire rope, screw, aluminium structure, Embedded installation doesn't need accessories


Product Advantages:

1. UL cUL DLC 5.0 LED Panel Light.
2. 125lm/W, could apply for government rebate.
3. Besides 2*2ft, 1*4ft, 2*4ft, 1*1ft also available!
4. Perfect Light Uniformity.
5. Fire-rated junction box design with correct wiring, easy for installation.
6. Illuminate any room and ceiling up/down LED panel light LED panel light is perfect for commercial, residential, decorative applications like offices, pool table, retail shop, supermarkets, schools, hotels, restaurants painted ceiling illumination, workshop, hospital, homes etc.
7. The light provides ceiling accent lighting, usable downlighting simultaneously
Its transparent polycarbonate lens with frosted center delivers. Smooth illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots
8. LED light emit 9, 000 lumens of natural white illumination.
9. Energy-efficient LED panel lasts 5 times longer than fluorescent panels. Operates within a wide 100-277VAC or 347VAC range. Can be linked to additional panels

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